Arcane Straight: Summoned Soul

Strategy, Combinations, and Beyond!
Combine and Conquer with the New Card Battle RPG

Providing a new twist on turn based RPGs
If you’re looking for exciting combat, this is the game for you!


[Mix & Match for Greater Damage!]
– Match card classes and elements to inflict up to 100 times more damage!
– Combinations, Elemental Types, and Skills make it simple yet challenging!
– Shape your own battle plan with each card’s unique, specialized skills!

[Unique Pixel Art Characters]
– Build your collection of charming pixel art heroes!
– Normal, Rare, Hero and Legend cards!
– Cute, charming hero cards spread across 9 different Jobs!

[Jump into the Action]
– Free-to-play
– Small file size with no additional downloads!
– Turn-based battles and menus optimized for one-handed play!
– Close your game any time and come straight back to where you left off!

[Endless Adventure]
– #Astelsia – Become the hero Merlin and save a kingdom in crisis!
– #Goblin Mine – Play your cards right and receive new rewards every day!
– #Red Mountains – Challenge yourself in progressively harder dungeons and be rewarded with new cards!
– #Mad Assistant’s Lab – Save Dr. Zweistein from terrifying mutants!
– #Arena – Battle monsters with a randomly drafted deck!

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