Big Bear: Salmon Hunter

This is salmon slicing adventure you never tried before!
Lovely bear! It it time for salmon hunting!

Start the journey for the cause of starving family.
Our lovely bear has finally found this isolated island that is abundant in salmon.

1. as the salmon jump attempt to slice them on half. Extra scores are awarded when you slice multiple salmon with one swipe.

2. Fight against other bears trying to grab your salmon then obtain stamina.

3. Accomplish the bingo using decoration items.
Bear wearing items looks more cute. 🙂

※ Attention
– Bombs and glass bottle

※ You can’t miss
– Gold salmon: bring more salmon
– Turtle: slower speed
– Sea eel: more stamina
– Catfish: double score

※ Tip
– Decoration items can be obtained from ‘Blind Gift’

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1. 看到跳上来的三文鱼就切下去吧!

2. 要和试图抢走三文鱼的熊决斗就可以补充到更多的精力了!

3. 用装饰道具来完成九宫格吧!
穿上装饰的熊宝宝看上去更可爱啦 🙂

※ 要避免的东西
– 炸弹和玻璃瓶

※ 不可错过的东西
– 黄金三文鱼: 会带来更多的三文鱼
– 乌龟:降低游戏速度
– 鳗鱼:精力上升
– 鲶鱼:双倍积分

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