Dead Island: Survivors

Slash & trap zombies to survive in a paradise gone to hell. Gather your band of heroes, build up your base and fight together with your friends in Dead Island: Survivors, the new mobile game based on the world’s #1 zombie gaming franchise!

Dead Island: Survivors brings the ultimate zombie action experience to your iPad and iPhone. Collect hard-hitting heroes and death-dealing weapons, assembling a strike force to resist the zombie onslaught! Turn your base into a stronghold, erecting deadly traps and solid barricades! Kill the living dead in visceral melee combat, performing killer combos and crushing special moves. Team up with other survivors and watching each other’s back. Do whatever you can to keep the gnawing zombie hordes at bay.

• Dead Island, the world’s #1 zombie gaming series, crawls onto mobile!
• No-holds-barred action gameplay mixing melee combat & trap laying!
• Tons of heroes, weapons and traps to collect & upgrade!
• A shared survival experience with friends & allies!
• Warning! This over-the-top splatter fest is not for the feint-hearted!

Dead Island: Survivors requires at least iOS 8 and runs on iPad air, iPad mini 2 , iPhone 5S and iPod touch 6 or newer. The full game is available for free. We offer in-app purchases that positively shape your experience. If you do not want to use them, please disable the respective feature in the settings menu of your device.

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